Greeting internet travelers! I am Matthew and I’m a writer living in Northern Colorado on an eternal epic quest to bring sexy back. I love to work out (P90x junkie) and eat. Who doesn’t like food? By food I mean pizza. Anything geek related appeals to me; Star Trek, Star wars, X-Files, Doctor Who, Firefly (let us have a moment of silence – Browncoats will rise again!). At times, I am a shameless and hopeless romantic with a dirty mind. There are times I work as a wedding photographer and all around weird individual. Actually the weird part is always, normal is boring. Creating art and new worlds in my writing keep me sane, if not I’d be plotting to take over the world.

In my spare time, I like to lounge provocatively in my underwear in front of other people’s camera, watch sci-fi, read, and do fitness related stuff. Love classic horror movies and brownies. I’m finishing up a college degree for some reason, I thinks it’s the last bit of my normalness holding on for all its worth in a mad attempt to fit in. I will make sure that doesn’t work! I write in many genres and my characters run the gamut when it comes to who or what they are.  Anyway, I really hope you like my books and stories. Feel free to drop me a line!


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